How I Solved the Mystery of my Unexplained Fever

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The Mystery Fever

I shared before in My Story, when I was 17, I began to realize that I ran a low grade temp on a regular basis. Doctors took me through the full gambit of testing, but could never give me a solid answer or a solution. It always came back to puzzled looks and the honest ones admitted they did’t know. So Frustrating!

As you can imagine, if you have ever had fever, I felt run down and never seem to feel quite right. I was achey and tired. I learned to just deal with it as a way of life. I lived with this unanswered issue for years. About the time I turned 27, I went to a new chiropractor that practiced holistic medicine. He did some very odd tests on me the very first visit. Later, I learned they are called muscles testing or kinesiology testing. The very first visit he told me I was allergic to wheat. He suggested that I cut out all wheat products and see if my fever went away. I honestly wasn’t sure I believed his hocus pockus, but thought what do I have to lose.

So, I did cut out all wheat for a few weeks and the fever did go away. I realized that every time I tried to add wheat into my diet I would run fever, have headaches and generally felt bad. As you might imagine wheat(gluten) is in many foods and there are so many of my favorite foods that I could not eat. I was resistant to this change. I would do good for a while and then fall back into eating foods that I shouldn’t. It took me a couple of years to finally decide that it was not worth it to “cheat” and feel bad.

Finally, I gave in and completely stopped eating wheat. Solomon began to look for alternative ways to make some of my favorite foods, it was a challenge and in the beginning we had more failures than successes. This was before gluten free became a popular lifestyle with the Paleo, Whole Foods, and Keto diets that have brought it into the mainstream. There were few good options, but we fought through the struggles and will share our favorite recipes and products.

Elimination Diet 101

After going gluten free, some things got better, but I continued to be sick. I would randomly just start vomiting or have an upset stomach. Eventually, I decided to do an elimination diet which is where you cut out all suspect foods and then add them back one at a time so you can monitor the effects. It was amazing. I suddenly felt good. The vomiting went away and upset stomach got better. As I added foods back I began to realize that corn was a big problem. Sadly, I had been substituting corn products for many of the wheat(gluten) foods and products. We ate Mexican food constantly, corn chips and corn tortillas were on the menu several times each week.

Every time I tried to eat corn, I started vomiting. Corn and wheat are in so many of the foods in the typical American diet. Needless to say I would eat right for a while and then I would give in to eating what I wanted. I would eat what I wanted until I was so sick of being sick that I would stop again. Finally, after about two years or so I gave up. I decided being sick was not worth it. I cut all or as much corn or wheat out of my diet as I possibly could (eating out is always a risk). I began to realize every time I ate a lot of dairy my stomach got upset, so, I stoped eating dairy too. For the longest, I thought that I was just sensitive to corn, wheat, and dairy, but I eventually found others.

I realized that every time I ate eggs I got sick. Temporarily, I cut eggs form my diet until I watched a documentary about the antibiotics that are pumped into chickens. I wondered if there was a connection between my allergy to Sulfa based antibiotics and my response to eggs. Slowly, I began to eat organic free range eggs and that fixed it.

You would be surprised how many things are hiding in our food. I learned to be very aware of what I ate and how I felt. Anytime I suspected anything I would cut it out and test it after a while to see the effect. To date I am sensitive/allergic to Wheat, Corn, Dairy, Tomatoes, commercial eggs, and pineapple. I have found I can eat some dairy in moderation and be ok. My body was just so over run with these allergy foods that everything was driving me over the edge.

I later found out my family had many of the same allergies. In fact, my grandmother was so sensitive to corn she was found non-responsive after breathing the smell of cooking popcorn. I have never had any official testing done, but recently my holistic doctor(Zana’s Place) told me it was a waste of money and just listening to my body gives better results. I feel so much better these days. Eliminating foods that you’re sensitive to has a huge impact on your health!

Common Food Allergies

  • Milk/dairy
  • Eggs
  • Peanuts
  • Tree nuts
  • Soy
  • Wheat and other grains
  • Shellfish
  • Corn
  • Gelatin
  • Carmel Food Color (Corn Product)
  • Strawberries (one of the highest concentrations of pesticide residue on fruit)
  • Refined sugars
  • Alcohol


I challenge you to do an experiment if you are having any unexplained health problems or even if you just want more energy and to feel better in general. Try cutting these foods or any other foods you suspect might be causing you problems for 3-4 weeks. Then add them back in one at a time allowing 3-5days in between adding a new one. If you find you feel bad after adding something try cutting it back out and see if the symptoms improve.

There many common things that could be indicators of food issues. Looks for symptoms like chronic fatigue, join pain/arthritis, headaches, asthma/increased respiratory issues such as excessive mucus. Your mood can even be effected by what you eat such as feeling depressed or having anxiety. You might find skin issues clear up like eczema, hives, and acne. Autoimmune disorders can be greatly affected by what we eat. I know my lupus symptoms get much better when I am mindful of my diet. There are also links to ADHD, learning disabilities, dementia and other cognitive issues such as brain fog. If you are eating foods that you are sensitive to. Losing weight can be nearly impossible with the inflammation these foods create in your body. I even have kidney and bladder pain if I eat or drink some things. You just never know what might be affected. The typical American diet is so heavily processed that it drastically increases the chances of allergies and food sensitivities.


Whatever issues you may be having, an elimination diet is very inexpensive way to see if anything could be improved with your diet. Why take more medication to treat symptoms when you could treat the cause?

What food sensitivities/allergies do you have? Have you tried an elimination diet? Share in the comments!


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