Caring for Yourself After Losing a Baby (Pregnancy Loss)

There are so many resources for women about how to care for themselves after they have babies. Unfortunately, there aren’t many resources for women after they lose a baby, or at least there [...]


Flu Season: Living With an Autoimmune Disorder

When you have an autoimmune disease like Lupus or Fibromyalgia, you find yourself afraid of many things that would never cause worry for most people. It is flu season, and I live in Tyler, Tx [...]


Living Life as a Wounded Healer

What is a Wounded Healer? Many years ago, after we lost Enoch(to hear more about this story see the posts Mary’s Story and Mary’s Story: Losing the Kids), a dear friend and pastor, [...]


Mary’s Story: Losing the Kids

In my story, I talked about how we lost three babies. I didn’t want to share all the details there as I felt it deserved a story of its own. Losing our children has been the most life-changing [...]


How I Solved the Mystery of my Unexplained Fever

The Mystery Fever I shared before in My Story, when I was 17, I began to realize that I ran a low grade temp on a regular basis. Doctors took me through the full gambit of testing, but could [...]


Mary’s Story

Hi, my name is Mary Rodgers. I would like to share an overview of my life story and give you a glimpse into my life and the struggles that I’ve faced. I also want you to have the opportunity to [...]